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2004 Officers
Victoria Fuller Chair 366-7912 Melinda Hedley Director at Large
Sandra English Vice Chair 366-1259 Bob English Director at Large
Shari Long Secretary 366-0320 David Fick Director at Large
Ken Eschmann Treasurer 366-8182 Jack Fuller Director at Large

 Joshua Tree News and Views                          November 2004

November 13th  Meeting

Officers present were Victoria Fuller, Sandra English, Jack Fuller, Ken Eschmann, David Fick, Shari Long, Bob English.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Ken Eschmann showing an on hand balance of $1558. Reading of notes from previous meeting was waived and referred to the November newsletter.

Bill Mosby, Deputy District Director for Planning and Local Assistance for Cal-Trans was our speaker. Mr. Mosby returned to answer questions from our November 13th meeting. The first was regarding the turn lanes in Joshua Tree at Sunny Vista. Mr. Mosby said that Cal Trans was committed to 18 months for 5 lanes through town. On the question regarding 247, we were told that 247 beginning at Aviation  was going forward with 5 lanes and that Cal Trans was working with San Bernardino to utilize Measure I money for full shoulder work beginning at Hillcrest.  They will also be doing traffic counts at 247 & 62 to look at the possibility of more turn-lanes and traffic light timing. Mr. Mosby also spoke of grant monies available by February 5, 2005 for the construction of Bike and Pedestrian paths and Bus Stop areas. Prop 42 safe routes to school also has available funds with 50% allocated for roads, if interested contact Deborah Marbah with Cal Trans. 

When Philip Fultz, Copper Mountain College Trustee, spoke to the JTCA in October he mentioned that should Prop. C pass he would like to have a member from JTCA on the panel advising how to utilize the money.  David Fick will be offering his services on behalf of JTCA to be on the panel and Dudley Heller has offered to support David should he be unable to attend a meeting. 

We very much appreciate Cynthia Lynn attending  the ORV management workshop on November 6th in Twentynine Palms.  She invited interested parties to call her at (366-2426) and she would be share in depth the information from the meeting

Catherine Wright is  working to schedule a speaker at our January meeting from County Roads to discuss local issues. 

Victoria Fuller shared information from the HUD meeting outlining possible grant money available for the Joshua Tree area.  Proposals are due by December 14th.  Catherine Wright and Dudley Heller volunteered to look at applying for grant money.

Sandra English brought sandwiches for our  meeting and deserts were contributed by several members—Thank you Sandra and members.

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Election for officers was held and our new officers for 2005 are: Victoria Fuller-President/Sandra English–Vice Chair/Shari Long-Secretary/Ken Eschmann - Treasurer/Melinda Hedley–Director at Large– Membership Chairperson)/Jack Fuller–Director at Large/David Fick – Director at Large Bob English – Director at Large

Marilyn Lutz from Joshua Tree National Park is working to organize a Basin wide cleanup January 8th.  The JTCA voted to support the cleanup and  will be meeting at the parking lot of Kim’s restaurant at 8:00 am January 8th.  Cynthis Lynn and Victoria Fuller will be calling everyone to remind them. 

A great many thanks to Dolores Jefferson for attending our recent meetings.  Dolores was a founding member of the JTCA and we appreciate the help she has given us to revive the original purpose of the organization which is to be focused and actively  involved in community affairs.  We very much encourage all our members to consider becoming more and more involved in community events and concerns coming in the next year.

Remember, at the next meeting on January 15th we hope to have a representative from County Roads.  We will also update the status of our Cal trans grant application.

JANUARY 15TH 11:30

We very much appreciate everyone who joined our organization in the last year.  We are planning to distribute cards to all paid members in the near future.  If you know of anyone who may be interested please encourage them to join.  We are planning for the JTCA to have a larger voice in  everything that is going on in the community.  If you have suggestions for issues or topics please e-mail your suggestions to or call 366-7912.

Seasons greetings to all our members from myself and  the officers of the JTCA 
Victoria Fuller—President

Photo © Carol Hall


The Joshua Tree Community Center
6171 Sunburst Road
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

The JTCA wishes to strongly encourage all residents of Joshua Tree to attend a future meeting of the Association or to e-mail or call regarding issues of concern here in Joshua Tree.  The JTCA gives everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions about anything happening in our community that can be addressed by organized citizen action.  This may be in regard to roads, fire protection, law enforcement, including off-road vehicles, or similar other problems involving peace, safety and well-being. 

The County of San Bernardino will soon adopt its General Plan for the community which will greatly impact the 10 to 20 year future of Joshua Tree.  As we have all become aware lately, there is a trend toward greatly increased growth locally as the rest of Southern California is "discovering" the high desert and especially the environs of our National Park.  The accelerated development of our surrounding communities and the prospect of "big-box" enterprises should send a clear warning for those of us who have made our home here.

The policy of the Association will be to monitor all these subjects closely, especially the ongoing status of the County General Plan.  We ask all citizens to consult the village website here for a proposed version of the general plan which was developed with the aid of many local citizens.  Also the JT Chamber of Commerce can be contacted for their contribution on this.

The listed population of Joshua Tree is about 8,000.  Only one tenth of that number could easily gain the almost undivided attention of county, state or other entities!  As in "The Mouse that Roared!" this community has already shown what it is all about with, for example, the dark-sky ordinance and vegetation-protection ordinance, both of which originated with assistance of the JTCA.  Please consider attending the next meeting and join with your neighbors in helping to continue to protect and further the common goals of our citizens in this our favorite place to live.

VJF. Pres.

The Joshua Tree Community Association (JTCA) is a non-profit organization.

The JTCA logo courtesy of Leroy Campbell.

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