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Joshua Tree

Climbing Guides

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Falcon Publishing: Randy Vogel's Guides:
1986 Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guide First Edition
1992 reprint 2000 Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guide Second Edition
To come 2002? Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Guide Third Edition
1996 #1 Classic Rock Climbs Joshua Tree National Park (Select) First Edition

 [Park map showing excerpt area]
Quailsprings Publishing:
Alan Bartlett's Guides:
Indian Cove, Publ. 1991, reprint 2000 w. more routes  [Map showing the areas for each of the Bartlett Guides]
Hidden Valley, Publ. 1992, reprint 2001 w. more routes
Lost Horse Area, Publ. 1991
Central Joshua Tree, Publ. 1993
Pinto Basin, Publ. 1995
West Wonderland, Publ. 1998

Quailsprings Publishing:
"Joshua Tree Bouldering" by Mari Gingery, Second Edition Publ. 2000

North Forks Webworks:
Route Browser - Joshua Tree's Hidden Valley and Vicinity.

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