Top Rope Areas in Joshua Tree:
Trashcan Rock - E.& W. Face 5.0-5.11
Dairy Queen Wall - N.& N.E. Face 5.6-5.9
Lizard's Hangout - S. Face 5.4-5.11c
Mel's Diner - E. Face 5.10
Atlantis Area - N.E. Face 5.5-5.10c
Playhouse Rock - E. Face 5.4-5.9
Thin Wall - N.E. Face 5.6-5.11
Cap Rock - N.E. Face 5.2-5.11
Hall of Horrors (West Wall) - W. Face 5.4-5.10c
Future Games Rock - N. Face 5.7-5.13b/c
Castle Rock - S. & N. Face 5.1-5.12a
Pixie Rock - S. Face 5.6-5.11b
Circle Crag - S.Face 5.6-5.8
Feudal Wall - S. Face 5.2-5.11d
Short Wall - S. Face 5.2-5.10a
Morbid Mound - S. Face 5.1-5.11a

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