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"We don't want to forget those in the congregation that are not ready for that Great Day. I mean, we know that it's going to be soon. We know for sure that He is coming but we don't know when. We ought to be ready.

We sang an old song; I dont even know how old it is but the song says: "My Lord it's been a long time" and I'd like for as we sing this song tonight for you to allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and remember the time that you first came to the Lord. If you can't remember that then allow the Holy Spirit to draw you to Him. You'll never come to Christ except the Holy Spirit draws you, and when he does, it's special. Don't ignore it or don't grieve him, the Holy Spirit who brings you to Him. Just allow Him to do a work in your heart that he still does, and he does it well

Some of my own family tonight, if they could hear this song, the Holy Spirit would touch them. I would be willing to pray with them, walk where ever they needed to go that they would get in fellowship with the Lord.

I read today; He said that if we would draw neigh to Him, he would draw neigh to us; and above every thing in my life, my heart pants after the Lord. I love him tonight with all my heart. He has been my life for 39 years and I want to stay up close to Him where the glory is coming out. Just to hear his heart beat from time to time and let me know how much he loves me. How long has it been since you've been real close to the Lord. Just nudge up to him tonight, would you, while we sing the old song. ....Singing....Open wide thine arms of love..

From video tape: "With His Power" performed at the Lexington Civic Center, Lexington, NC, Jan. 14, 1994.

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