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Bus Rules

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Kindergarten Students are not allowed off the bus unless:

  • A familiar adult is present.
  • A note from a parent or guardian is on file with the school or the bus driver, identifying who the child may be left with or authorizing the student to walk home.
  • The student can point out his/her home from the bus stop (driver will monitor the first few days)
  • The student is accompanied by an older sibling.

If none of these conditions are met, students will be returned to the school and wait for someone to pick them up (kindergarten bus riding forms must be on file in the school office).

Grades 1-8 will not be allowed off at a bus stop other than their own unless:

  • Student has a "bus pass", issued by the school, designating a different stop from his/her regular bus stop (a note or phone call from the parent is necessary for a bus pass to be issued).

Guidelines for Students While on School Buses:

In order to assure orderly and safe transportation of all passengers on a school bus, the following guidelines have been established:

  • Be respectful and courteous to the bus driver in conduct and language.
  • Remain seated when the bus is in motion.
  • Sit only in the regular seats and keep hands and arms inside the bus at all times.
  • Do not make, or cause to be made, unnecessary noise such as loud talking, screaming. stamping of feet, loud singing, or any other noise which would distract the driver.
  • No fighting or scuffling on the bus.
  • Do not throw any article in or out of the bus.
  • No eating or drinking on buses, except on out-of-district trips.
  • No deliberate or unnecessary littering on the bus with paper, gum or other trash.
  • No animals or reptiles on the bus (except seeing eye dogs).
  • Pupils are under the authority of the bus driver.

Students are encouraged to leave home early enough to arrive at the bus stop on time and wait for the bus in a safe place. Students should show respect for the property near the bus stop, be courteous and keep the bus clean.

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Bus Stops:

  • Students must use their assigned bus stops.
  • We urge parents to accompany their child to bus stops and to remain with them until the bus arrives.
  • All school rules and disciplinary procedures are in effect at bus stops.
  • Problems with student behavior at bus stops should be reported to the appropriate principal.
  • Strangers loitering around bus stops should be reported immediately to the sheriff and to the principal.
  • A list of school bus stops can be obtained at any time, in the school office.

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Video Cameras

To promote a safe envirorunent on the buses for all students, we may be using video cameras on a rotating basis on most of our regular buses. There is a possibility that your student may be filmed while being transported. Video tapes will be used strictly by Morongo Unified School District personnel in order to maintain appropriate discipline and a safe environment on buses.

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Bus Discipline Matrix

In order to maintain a safe and orderly bus the following discipline guideline will be used.
  • First bus referral, student conferences with administrator.
  • Second bus referral, one (1) day bus suspension.
  • Third bus referral, five (3) day bus suspension.
  • Fourth bus referral, ten (5) day bus suspension.
  • Fifth bus referral, twenty (15) day bus suspension.
  • Sixth bus referral, thirty (30) day bus suspension.
  • Seventh bus referral, Suspension for the remainder of the year.
  • All referrals will result in a parent contact.
  • Any serious infraction may result in immediate bus suspension or may be written as a school referral.
  • The Principals' Discipline of Bus Referrals outlines the steps which will be taken in the event of a bus referral.

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