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Playground Rules,
Tether Ball Rules
& Foursquare Rules

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Playground Rules

  • Follow directions of duty person. Talking back, rudeness and a disrespectful tone of voice will not be tolerated.
  • Play only in designated areas. Stay within boundaries and avoid:
    • Planted areas, banks and ditches
    • Restroom areas, except when needed
    • Behind the restroom
    • Between and behind buildings
    • Steps, ramps and railings
    • Areas near and behind doors
    • P.E. class areas
    • Main building activity centers
  • Play games that are not dangerous. Refrain from chasing, pulling and tuging at clothing, fighting (even "play fighting"), karate and judo.
  • Before school, students will walk to classrooms, put belongings down and then go to the playground to play.
  • Use playground equipment in a safe manner:
    • SWINGS: Sit on swings, hands on chains. No jumping out of swings, no twisting or swinging sideways. Count 30 swings before your turn. Do not count if there is an open swing. Count backs are not allowed. No stretching or pulling on chair while swinging.
    • SLIDES: Go down one at a time in a sitting position, feet forward. Wait until the person starts down before climbing the ladder. The bars under the slide are off limits. No fancy tricks on the slide.
    • BALLS: No soccer without supervision of the game. Kick soccer balls in the dirt area. Do not play with balls near fences, ditches or planted areas. Softball may only be played when supervised by a teacher. Plastic bats and balls or tennis balls should be used in the dirt area only. Only school balls may be used on the playground. Do not bring balls from home.
  • When the bell rings, stop play immediately and no talking until the whistle blows. Then walk to your line.
  • Stand and/or walk in line quietly.
  • Snacks may be eaten only in the assigned areas - please keep your area clean and use the trashcans provided. Field areas are for games only.
  • Do not bring personal items from home unless requested by the teacher. These unauthorized items will be sent to the office and it will be the student's responsibility to take them home after school. Yo-yos, frisbees and other toys are not allowed. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
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Climbing Equipment Rules:

  • Line up to go across towards the hill on the orange bars, climb towards the equipment on the yellow bars.
  • One person at a time
  • No "chicken fighting", ever
  • Don't touch or push anyone else.
  • No jumping off of any climbing equipment. Please climb down correctly.

Foursquare Rules

  • Server bounces ball, then hits it underhand to any square.
  • The ball must bounce only once in the square and then that player hits it to another square.
  • The ball must bounce before being hit to the next square.
  • The ball must be struck with an open hand.
  • Waiting players line up 3 feet from the game.
  • Stepping on or over the line is a foul, causing the player to be out (except when stepping out of your own square).
  • Players rotate towards square A. Only the person who is "out" leaves the game. New players enter at square D.
  • Square A is always the server.
  • If the ball hits on a line, it is an out for the hitter.
  • If the ball is made to bounce over an opponent's head, it is an out for the hitter.
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Tetherball Rules


  • Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands.
  • Stopping continuous play by holding or catching the ball.
  • Touching the pole with any part of the body.
  • Touching or hitting the rope.
  • No climbing of the pole or adjusting of the rope and chain are allowed.


A player who commits any of the fouls listed above forfeits the game to his opponent. Play stops immediately after a foul has been committed.


The game is won by the player who first winds the rope completely around the pole or by forfeit in the case of a foul committed by an opponent.

Ball Wall Rules/Kick Ball:

  • Students play either as individuals or as a team of two.
  • Students must wait in line with their partner, if playing two. They may not choose a partner who has not waited in line with them or who has just finished. They may choose the next person in line if they wish.
  • One team kicks the ball from the ground to serve. They may not drop the ball. It must hit the wood wall first and bounce back.
  • If the ball hits the metal posts they ate out. If it hits anywhere on the wall they are in.
  • The other team must kick the ball back to the wall. If they miss it and the ball goes outside the yellow line they are out.
  • Students may stop the ball with their body or foot, but just as in soccer, they may not use their hands.
  • Students are not to make up additional rules regarding the game.

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