Unidentified Flying Event (UFE)

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 3 21:08:02 PDT
From: Scot Morrison
To: Norman Carl
Subject: Unidentified Flying Event (UFE) and California Valley

Dear Sir;

The following is my recent report filed with MUFON concerning our witnessed UFE on August 1st in the California Valley while camping at the Kern Cattle and Land Campground.

MUFON Report

August 1, 2003

Unidentified Flying Event

Departed San Luis Obispo at 1545 hours for California Valley. Enroute conditions include partly cloudy skies and humidity arriving at Kern Cattle and Land campground due south of Soda Lake at 1800 hours while several thunderstorm systems tracked east toward Fresno.

Weather system did not produce lightening however thunder was noted until sundown.

Throughout the evening until estimated 2210 hours, we tracked air traffic along the Los Angeles to San Francisco north to south corridor, noting distinct and familar engine noise and strobing. Likewise, we watched the northwestern sector of our sky noting 3 metoroid entries. My colleague then called my attention to the West on our visual horizon.

I noted an object unrelated to current air traffic patterns flying due east down the center of California Valley at an altitude estimated between 18,000 to 25,000 feet. Object velocity was not relative to any above airborne traffic and acoustical signature sounded a few decibels under a normal aircraft engine.

Likewise, object continued due East at an unusual velocity without typically noted strobing safety lights. Object was estimated yellow in continous color throughout flight path to the East. Neither did object jerk or weave.

Moreover, at first glance, object presumption was military. However, object did not sound like an aircraft on military afterburner. Its acoustical signature eg. doppler effect did not match, ie. short sound like tail as object moved across line of sight track.

Initial reaction was calm due to 20 years of seeing and hearing various military aircraft. However, as visual tracking continued, reaction changed to excitement and apprehension. Object behavior did not meet normal operating aircraft criteria ie. safety strobing and acoustical signature.

Object simply faded from visual due East tracking.

Moreover, approximately 10 to 15 minutes later around 2235 hours, another anomalous event occured at 70 to 80 degrees off the horizon. We were tracking satellites throughout the evening then observed an unusual geometeric pattern of 3 objects tracking again West to East.

The formation geometry was triangular moving half the speed of previously observed object. Geometric object lights were steady white much like earlier observed satellites. Again, emotional response ranged from calm to excited and apprehensive due to proximity of earlier event. Eventually, object faded from visual tracking due East of California Valley.

Scot R. Morrison

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